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ROBO-MUMMY: My IVF Fairytale

A Simple story that celebrates the wonderful ways in which babies arrive into their families, Including premature babies, twins and triplets, IVF, donor conception, Surrogacy and adoption.

What Inspired Robo-babies?

At the age of 32, Laura and her husband were wanting to start a family. After 18 months Joe and Laura realised that this was not going to be as easy as they anticipated. 

The pair of them went off for tests to see what the problem might be. Results returned that Laura had a low AMH level on her egg reserve, meaning she had the egg reserve of a woman 10 years her senior! Not ideal for an ‘easy’ pregnancy.

Laura and Joe were desperate to start a family and were not going to give up easily, so they decided to try IVF treatment. Which meant that they would have to pick out the best eggs and create the best embryos to construct the most successful implant.

As you can imagine, this was a major blow to Laura’s confidence as well as her and Joe’s romanticized vision of starting a family. This unexpected experience with zero previous knowledge or exposure, started to strain the pair both individually and as a unit. With only a 30% success rate and an extremely expensive procedure, tensions were high and the pressure was on! Needless to say, they were absolutely devastated that this was not going to happen for them naturally.

And so their journey of IVF began. The first round of embryos were being prepared while Laura went through 6 weeks of invasive injections and pessaries. On arrival to have the Embryo implanted, knowing that it may not take the first time, the couple were informed that there was only one embryo that made the cut.

‘If this implant fails, we will have to start the whole round process from scratch’, including another down payment. Laura’s nerves were wrecked, swimming in a sea of emotions ranging from inadequacy, to paranoia and sheer anxiety.

Laura didn’t even want to go to the toilet, she was so terrified of losing this tiny chance. 2 weeks later, a pregnancy test revealed that they were pregnant! All the emotions experienced from the time Joe and Laura started trying to conceive till the time their son, Rafe was born, Included:

Stress , Strong mindset, Fear, Pain, Anxiety, Perseverance

These are not words that you commonly find around pregnancy and childbirth. Laura could not believe that this subject had not been spoken about before. Especially since 1 in 8 women struggle to conceive.

Robo-babies was inspired by having these conversations more openly and teaching our kids from an early age that each family looks different and sometimes our ‘parts’ don’t work so we require help to start a family. To avoid the same shame that parents experience around feeling ‘abnormal’. Laura wanted her son to know that starting a family looks different for everyone and does not mean that he is less loved, but possibly even more! 

What is the goal of exposing kids to ‘difficult’ conversations or other norms?

  • The ability to talk openly about their emotions
  • Vocalising and understanding their own emotions make them more self aware 
  • Learning to process their emotions rather than bottling them up or acting out
  • Able to accept diversity and extend compassion to other family dynamics

There is often a fairytale narrative to childbirth, pregnancy and parenting, that leads parents into a state of shock when their experience is not perfect. Feelings of being less of a woman around the struggle to conceive and even miscarriage can be so intense for Moms thinking that they’re alone on their journey, and this could not be more further from the truth. 

Bringing these experiences to the light and talking about the struggle, normalises the abnormal. Love is love, and a loving family is what is most important! 

Laura says that the best antidote is to release the shame, bitterness and fear, embrace a community that supports you and create a vision board to maintain a joyful, positive mindset! 

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