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AfroDaddy on ‘Preparing your kids for the world and preparing the world for your kids’

We are so excited about this one! 😀

Amidst being a father, starting a new Job and juggling all his existing responsibilities @afrodaddyct agreed to have a chat with us about his journey as a Daddy blogger, youtuber and (awesome)content creator.

How did AfroDaddy come to be?

“When I became a father I was desperately looking for content made by fathers, talking about their experiences and giving feedback, so I didn’t feel too alone on my fathering journey. I searched high and low and found quickly that there was little to nothing available, particularly in South Africa.”
With his background in radio and his Daddy status, he thought ‘why not start a youtube’ channel? And so he did! 

Terence began the channel around 2015 and it has been a steep learning curve of perseverance. Nevertheless, Terence and his wife have pioneered a wonderful space and platform for other dads to get involved and inspired to start their own communities. The mission statement of Afro Daddy is to promote engaged fatherhood in South Africa, advocating Fatherhood and why sometimes it can be difficult for dads in this country. While at the same time, encouraging dads to take up that role and responsibility well. 

Two main messages from AfroDaddy are:

“Hey, if you’re not a Dad, this is is the experience that dads are having and this is how you can help dads do better”


“If You are a Dad, you can do better! Let’s all do better and this is how we do it!”

(We love this message! #consciousparenting)

Terence realised that Men are not encouraged to investigate their own feelings and understand what they are going through. As men they have only really been taught to feel one of two emotions. Joy or anger. The easiest to describe this is using the analogy of an action movie where the hero’s family gets killed, the man doesn’t go to therapy to deal with his grief but rather gets angry, gets his vengeance and walks away with his victorious revenge feeling better. 

That is not the way human beings work!

We must responsibly teach boys how to communicate and be vulnerable and open. There is a whole spectrum of emotions that we have the ability to feel. Young boys (and girls) should be guided into understanding each of those emotions so that they can manage and better navigate difficult situations. 

The goal is creating a safe household to deal with anger, sadness, grief or any of the difficult emotions that when suppressed can turn into aggression and abuse. 

Afro Daddy’s main message right now:

Prepare your kids for the world and prepare the world for your kids!

A part of this happens at home of course with what you are teaching your children. The other part is going out into the world actively preparing the world for your children. Parents need to be active in changing the world. We don’t want to live in a racist world or a world where oceans are destroyed, the changes can and should happen right now, now is the time to talk about topics like environmental changes, racism and aggression, and make the changes. When your kids see you standing up and having uncomfortable conversations for a good cause they will feel more comfortable doing the same. The positive change that will come from that kind of leadership will not only change the future of South Africans but the entire World. 

Recommended Family resource websites 

  • Arise  
  • Heartlines 

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