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Non Bias Wedding Planners – Indigo Functions

Founder of Indigo functions, Mel, saw an article in the newspaper about a couple that was denied a venue for their wedding because they were a same sex couple. 

She realised that the industry needed a same sex wedding specialist. She got on the phone to her friend Lee about it, who was immediately thrilled to jump on board, and so Indigo functions was born!

While they specialise in LGBT weddings, Mel and Lee believe that Love is Love! A Wedding is a Wedding, and for that reason they do any and all types of weddings. LGBT just happens to be their specialty. 

We asked the dynamic duo a few questions about what they do: 

What are the challenges you face when planning a wedding?

Every wedding is very unique and thus unique circumstances always arise. They think of each wedding as one of a kind. They strategize according to each couple’s needs. “Our approach to each wedding is detailed. We believe it’s important for every detail to have a backup and then have a back up for that backup!” 

These kinds of back ups are essential to making sure that things run as smoothly as possible on the day.

For eg, the freelancers that come on board like a makeup artist, we would ask what their back up plan is for the day and ensure that they have one. Same for the photographer etc.

Do you have calming techniques for Bridezillas or Groomzilllas?

Well we don’t actually believe in the ‘zillas’. We believe that everyone is unique so in planning this very special day, it is understandable that emotions will run high at some point. Our focus is building mutual respect and trust. We are ‘peoples people’ and commit to being of full service to each couple that trusts us with arranging their special day.

Is it a concern for wedding planners to incorporate the children and make it family friendly?

At venues where children are allowed, it is Indigo’s focus to make sure the kids have as much fun as the parents. We Love this at Baby’s First Sitter, as we share the exact same sentiment when providing residential babysitting! Indigo provides childminders and entertainment to keep the kids busy, so that everyone is having a great time!

Overview of their mission

Indigo happens to be the one colour that is left out of the pride flag. It represents a myriad of values that hold true to Mel and Lee’s mission. These ladies really get to know each couple and their unique love story. Finding a way to incorporate special nuances and quirks into the couples wedding day to truly make it special. No cookie-cutter weddings! 

Mel and Lee will take on the stress and encourage the loved up couple to focus on the magic!

Planning weddings in the beautiful province of Cape Town allows for so many different styles and settings. From forests to beaches, they’ve got it all. Mel and Lee have taken the time to visit each and every venue to ensure that they are LGBT approved. These two ladies also strongly believe in supporting small businesses so we love collaborating with them and sharing their beautiful mission! 

Go check out the IG interview on Instagram for more.

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