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Foundation & Transformation Coach, Larry Lall

Transformational Coach, Consultant, Author, and Speaker. Larry Lall uses his unique skills to solve corporate and individual problems. Did we mention he is a Dad too!

Cindy met up with Larry on IG to discuss foundational coaching and how it aligns with being a parent. 

While mindset and personal performance are where his expertise lie, being a father and parenting can yield some of the biggest learning opportunities. 

What led Larry to creating the MECC cornerstone program:

His journey into foundational coaching stemmed from a pain point of his own. He realised that he was being passed up and overlooked for promotions at work over and over again, but had no idea why. Experiencing the hurt of rejection drove him to dig deeper, collecting information on his environment and the people around him that were succeeding at work. With the goal to understand why some people were progressing more naturally, Larry started to pay close attention and record his findings. From relationships to the situations around him he accumulated a huge stack of information that led him to the framework for transformation and alignment. 

The hypothesis: To align more closely with your core values in order to take full responsibility for your own outcomes in life. 

And so he developed the MECC cornerstone to coach businesses and individuals back to their own foundation, understanding themselves and where they are operating from at a fundamental level. Foundation drives Authenticity. Authenticity drives leadership, confidence and success! 

How does foundational work affect your parenting? 

Larry discloses that he felt a bit tense at first when he adopted his first son. 

But being clear on his values and vision of parenting helped him into a much calmer place.

When you understand where you are operating from you can practice the 3 P’s:

  • Persistence (on values that you want your children to emulate)
  • Perseverance ( to stand by those values and instil them into your children)
  • Patience (with yourself and your children in a way that allows grace) 

No matter how much you would like your children to be like you, they most likely won’t be. Larry feels his job as a parent is to keep his children on the right path, responsible and all the other great words we like to use to describe perfect children. How do I nurture them to become who they want to be, while still understanding and adhering to sensible and necessary boundaries.  

Larry asks; “Do you remember what you were doing when you were a young adult”. Does it make sense to try to withhold that from your children?

Larry’s advice on developing communication with your young adult is: 

  • Patience 
  • Compassion
  • Taking yourself back to your teenage years

They are trying to learn about themselves and they are learning valuable lessons. The authoritative stuff just doesn’t work! Being there to support them in making their decisions. The consequences and repercussions of their decisions will teach them the lessons they need to learn. While keeping your boundaries is important and practising commitment to those boundaries is necessary, the best practice of all… is patience!

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