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Homeschooling tips from an Occupational therapist

We met with Occupational Therapist and Mom Rachel Carey!

Cindy asked instagrams’ @Rachie_ot_mom for some practical and actionable tips for our Moms and Dads out there who have suddenly found themselves in the demands of homeschooling.

We discussed the mindset around a Mom or Dad now suddenly becoming a teacher on top of existing responsibilities, and how to reframe the approach to homeschooling so that you as a Parent can feel less guilt and less pressure while still engaging with your child in a way that helps them to learn.

A bit more about Rachel

Rachel got her start in clinical work as an occupational therapist, however due to a few challenges with her first borns’ health she was steered to pivot her career into online teaching. She came from a long line of teachers, her parents and their parents were all teachers and professors so she always felt very drawn to teaching. 

Rachel pursued online teaching which allowed her to take on clients in a format where she could primarily focus on being a Mom. However due to the pandemic of 2021, and like millions across the globe, the company she was working for was forced to let go many of their trainers. 

Don’t worry! It is not all doom and gloom, as Rachel seemed to make a very natural and exciting pivot during this time. Boy, are we glad for the divine fate which ultimately led Rachel to make her instagram page public! Now Parents across the globe can access resources from a professional occupational therapist who is also a Mom! Rachel shares a plethora of tools and practical examples for raising children in a conscious way, so definitely go check out her page. Her excitement for early childhood development is infectious!

The tips we discussed for homeschooling or better facilitating learning with your child include:

  • The number 1 fastest way children learn
  • How to really engage with your child 
  • The importance of a calm learning environment 
  • Feeling better about how tough Teaching / Homeschooling actually is
  • How to get more excited about doing activities with your child 
  • Knowing your child and how to embrace their learning style 

Teaching is a skill, which people study for years to master, so give yourself some grace Mommas! We sympathise with the pressure that parents are feeling with having to homeschool and suddenly fulfil the teacher role, having no prior teaching experience.

Rachel is here to tell you that there is a less stressful and more efficient way to teach your children, and it is through a simple act of play! The child’s brain is made to learn! When engaging through play the brain may need to repeat that action as little as 10 to 20 times to create a new pathway. Statistics show that in order to myelinate a pathway in the brain, you would need to repeat an action up to 400 times. However, when engaging through PLAY, this can be reduced to as little as 10 – 20 times! How incredible!?

We also discussed early childhood development and how you can understand your baby’s primary way of learning.

Go to IG interview for more…

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